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  • Easy Self-installation by connecting 2 wires to your battery.
  • Start immediately with 14 days free credit included
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG), no contract, just Top-Up when you like with PayPal
  • Works with Android, iPhone, MAC and PC
  • Covers 176 Countries including the UK and all of Europe
  • Internal backup battery, built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors
  • Waterproof IP65 rated, Internal backup battery allows device to work without external power source
  • Can be fitted on a Car, Van, Coach, eBike, Motorbike, Trike, Quad, Jetski, Plant, Truck, Trailer, Caravan and Mobile homes.

TruTrak FMT100 GPS Tracker PAYG

SKU: 5060751850007
£39.99 Regular Price
£34.99Sale Price
  • Ready to use and easily self-installed by simply connecting to a positive and negative feed of the vehicle battery reducing costs of an engineer and allowing you to move the device between assets without hassle.
    The FMT100 is a smart waterproof GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) tracker with internal backup battery and built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate trace functionality that makes this device perfectly suitable for multiple solutions.
    Used by most of the tracking companies (often rebranded to their own name for marketing reasons) this product, manufactured by the multi-award winning company Teltonika, has proven its place in the market.
    Perfectly integrated into our platform this device reports every 60 seconds and every 50 degree turn thus providing the most accurate real time reporting on the market.
    We have already deployed thousands of FMT100’s and work closely with Teltonika to ensure maximum efficiency.
    The FMT100 comes with a 12 month hardware warranty.

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