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  • The newly released GL50B Lite is a state-of-the-art micro sized tracking product that has all our customers excited by its possibilities. Smaller than a matchbox, it lasts for up to four years, giving it the longest battery life of any device of its size on the market.
  • The GL50B comes with am IP67 waterproof case which means that the device is dust-tight and also means it has been tested for normal funtionality after being submerged in 15cm - 1 metre of water for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The product is designed as a “secret weapon” for combatting vehicle theft. It reports once daily then hibernates. This means it cannot be detected with scanners when sleeping.
  • In the event of a theft simply change the reporting frequency in the App. Next time it wakes up it will then report every 10 minutes. It will last up to 4 years but we say 2 years to allow for any increase in reporting cycle that may occur.
  • This is supplied with 24 months of free use. Once the battery expires it can easily be replaced by servicing at TruTrak where we will replace and return it. It uses a Lithium manganese dioxide battery at 2400mAh
  • Once purchased activation is simple via our web site or directly with one of our Support staff. At TruTrak we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and go the extra mile in supporting both consumers and businesses alike.
  • The solution is fully supported by professionals that are on hand to assist you from installation through to setting up your account for alerts and other functions. A UK system with UK support.

TruTrak – GL50B GPS Tracker with case - 24 Months Tracking Included

SKU: 5060751850373
    • Enhance the security of your vehicle with the GL50B Lite which is a micro sized, battery powered tracker designed to be concealable inside a vehicle. With a long battery life of up to 4 years it can used on its own or in conjunction with our FMT100 tracker. This cutting edge device can provide precise location information for your vehicle, ensuring peace of mind and added protection from theft or unauthorised use. In the event of theft our UK based support team are on hand to aid you in your vehicle recovery process.
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