TruTrak pack of 3 stickers to warn people that your asset is tracked by TruTrak Ltd to deter any potential theft.


Want to deter someone from taking your vehicle? This could do the trick alognside one of our Vehicle Trackers. What more can we say? It’s a window sticker…


This is a high quality non adhesive product that gives the flexibility to move them between vehicles as you upgrade.

Window Stickers (also referred to as static cling window stickers) don't use an adhesive to "stick" to the window, they use static. This means they will "stick" firmly to the window but can be removed and repositioned without leaving any sticky residue.

Window Stickers are applied to the inside of the window and viewed externally.


Qty: 3 in each pack

Size: 100mm by 40mm

TruTrak GPS Tracker Security Window Stickers (Pack of 3)