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  • New to the TruTrak Portfolio a quality two wire direct to battery 4G Li-Polymer, 190 mAh back up battery device. The hardware manufacturer is Queclink the third largest global supplier and carefully selected by TruTrak to ensure the quality of our brand. Simple as the FMT100 just connect to the batery terminals.
  • The product features Queclink’s revolutionary zero power consumption, allowing owners to leave their cars and motorcycles unattended for long periods of time without having to worry about a flat battery. The product is ideal for stolen vehicle recovery, vehicle monitoring and other basic tracking applications
  • This is not just the purchase of the device, the SIM and full system are included. The App and Site are written and maintained by TruTrak Pro utilising Google Maps. We do not re-sell a generic system like other suppliers. Only compatible with TruTrak Pro cannot be used on another suppliers platforms. Vehicle tracking is all about quality of the product, infrastructure and support.
  • Once purchased activation is simple via our web site or directly with one of our Support staff. At TruTrak Pro we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and go the extra mile in supporting both consumers and businesses alike.
  • You get 14 days free use from the day you install the device, then you can simply top up the unit online or through our Support Team. We include all alerts and all functions within our prices. No contract, no hassle just consistent service from professionals.
  • The solution is fully supported by specialists that are on hand to assist you from installation through to setting up your account for alerts and other functions

TruTrak Pro GV57MG V2 4G GPS Tracker

SKU: 5060751850335
  • Your tracker comes pre-loaded with a 14 days free usage and communications.
    Install it and it will start tracking.
    After the 14 days free, just Top-Up on our cloud platform using PayPal
    You can buy and apply a Top-Up at any time giving you total flexibility in its usage.

    No hidden fees
    There is no contract, no cancellation fee, no Direct Debit, in fact no extra fees at all.
    Just Pay As You Go.
    Your Tracker comes with 24/7 access to TruTrak Cloud Platform from your PC or any web enabled device.
    We also include 500 email alerts per month and unlimited App notification alerts.

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